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Australian Party @Las Vibras de La Casbah

Australian Party @Las Vibras de La Casbah

When: January 26, 2017, 8:00 pm
Venue: Las Vibras De La Casbah
Address: 5ta avenida norte Casa # 30 Antigua Guatemala , Guatemala (map)
Organizer: Las Vibras De La Casbah (Facebook)
Chuck a shrimp on the barbie ~ SAID NO AUSSIE EVER!
How about…
Up & down like a dunny seat on party night…
Useless as tits on a bull….
Face like a dropped pie…
Have a root…
And the classic (please don’t get offended Yanks)… You’re a cunt…

Ahh yes the Aussies, always there to give Antigua that bit extra kick to the party scene. Gotta love em. We do. That’s why we will be sending a major salute to our friends by throwing THE Australia Day party January the 26th.

Present your wonderful Aussie accent to the bar and receive a free drink on us. Don’t have an Aussie accent you say? Well make one up and you can drink for free as well!

We will have plenty of Vegemite, Australian flags, and lots of party to go around all night long! Until then…

Have a good one!

Nuestros amigos Australianos siempre traen felicidad y un extra a las fiestas en Antigua. Una razón para quererlos siempre con nosotros, y por la que tenemos una increíble fiesta para no perderse en el día de Australia el próximo 26 de Enero.

Presentate a nuestra barra pidiendo tus bebidas con un acento australiano y ¡las bebidas irán por parte de la casa! Tendremos Vegemite, banderas Australianas y mucha fiesta para disfrutar toda la noche.

¡Hasta entonces! 🍻🍻🍻

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